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Lunar Mini Golf, Sunday Evening

Because he was still Tony Stark and this was his version of New York, any trip out meant either people wanting to get his autograph or take copious amounts of pictures with him.

Oh, and the paparazzi.

Luckily those were stuck outside where Happy was trying and failing to trick them into thinking that Tony was actually across town, canoodling with a model or two. Because he thought the word canoodling worked.

"You know, I don't think I've ever mini-golfed," he informed Tyler cheerfully.

[[For that guy]]
With everyone else in the lab having a nice, relaxing holiday away from him, Tony was left to fiddle with plans for the suit and watch CNN. Well, listen to CNN. He was focusing on the computer screen and holographic projector more than anything else.

"At least 60 people have been killed in Somalia's capital and more than 14,000 displaced from their homes during heavy fighting over the last two weeks--"

The listening might not have been the best option if this was a relaxing holiday weekend, all things considered.

"Jarvis, prep the suit, will you? It's been a while since I've taken it for a spin."

"No, for the last time, if they can't figure out the schematics, that doesn't mean there is a flaw in the design," Tony said in a perfectly reasonable, loud tone. He poured himself yet another cup of coffee that he didn't need.

"Am I employing morons? There is a--" He paused, trying to think of something. "--fifteen year old here who could do better, did you tell them that?"

Tony sighed and took a long sip of the lukewarm coffee.

"Fine. I'll catch a flight over tomorrow."

And with that, he flipped the phone shut and glared at the laptop sitting on the coffee table. "Incompetent morons."

[[For that guy who lives there]]
There was a party going on in the park. One for a far, far younger crowd than Tony normally socialized with. This was, of course, excluding just turned 18 supermodels.

Ah, a charmed life he led.

But instead of that, he had a ridiculous amount of horrible DVDs and an order of Thai food.

Oh, and some guy who seemed to always be there or something.

They guy who always seemed to be there was making disgusted noises at a fight scene. "Jesus, Tony," he observed, mouth full of panang chicken.

He swallowed. "We couldn't put one where you can't tell they're pulling the punches?"

"That defeats the point, Tyler," Tony drawled. "It's a subtle art of crap."

"... I like the art of the ones with real fighters better," Tyler said stubbornly, but he wasn't moving for the remote. There was something mesmerizing about the horrible special effects.

He jabbed his fork into the chicken again.

"So, are you sad I didn't ask you to be my prom date?"


Couldn't Tyler tell from the weeping and tearing his clothing in woe?

He had an idea. Tyler just would have liked to see more gnashing of teeth and garment-rendering for a complete display of grief.

"There's always next year," he said, and reached the hand he wasn't eating with to ruffle Tony's hair, just because he could.

And because Tony had very nice hair.

Tony just shot him a look, but didn't make a fuss over the ruining of his hair. Because it was totally love."Be still my heart."

[[Establishy! Co-written with tyler_back]]
Somehow, Friday night ended up with Tony finding some horrible post-apocalyptic movie to watch. And mock the technology in.

Look, if they didn't do the research, they deserved it.

Tony was perhaps the worst person to watch scifi with.

[For that guy]]
Having been awake still when the power died, Tony was in the same place he'd been since that time. In his lab, making sure the back up generators were working correctly so he could continue to use his computers.

And keep Jarvis online.

Oh, and heat the place, he supposed. But that was a third on the list of important things.

Of course, now he had to deal with the fact that there was more than just a bit of snow outside and he was out of coffee. The world may end.

[[For that guy there]]
Did you know that working on code was the best way to repress sickening pet names and a wedding that ended in being married to a transexual mayor? Tony found that out today as he refused to leave his lab for anything other than food and possibly alcohol to block out any memories of ice sculptures.

One day he'd let these things slide, but today was not that day.

"Jarvis, make a note for me to find that video camera Algren had."

"Of course, sir."

[[Open if you have reason to be by!]]

New York City, Friday Evening

With a turkey--still alive and a bit angry--and more left over Chinese food than anyone could rightly eat, Tony had been left enjoying his time looking over Black Friday sales. Not because he needed to save the money, but because it was fun.

But at the moment, he was going to mess with Tyler the best way he could. By giving him overly expensive gifts.

They had a very special relationship.

[[For that guy]]
Tony didn't have a project to bring upstairs with him this evening. Oh no, he was far too busy watching Charlie Brown and feeling disturbingly nostalgic.

He'd call someone a moron extra next week to make up for it, okay?

[[Open apartment for those with cause to be there!]]
With the sole purpose of letting his poor pilots have a job again, Tony and Tyler had gone to Sweden.

For hot dogs.

And, by some unhappy coincidence, it also ended up being Sweetest Day. So, in order to survive the potential saccharine sweet holiday, they proceeded to get very, very drunk. And now it was time to try these fabled Swedish hot dogs.

"/Two with everything,/" Tony said, slurring his Swedish only a little.

[[For that guy]]

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